This was our first time buying a home for my wife and I and decided to go with Stacie based off of her experience, and the fact that she grew up and lived in the Kings County area.  My wife and I knew nothing about buying and Stacie took the time to explain everything to us.  One thing that stands out the most to me, the fact that she gets back to you right away.  Doesn’t matter what time of the day, if you have a question, she gets back to you right away.  Communication is huge with Stacie and she always ensures her clients have the latest and greatest information on the sale.  We loved the fact that she was honest and sincere with us when we were getting ready to make an offer.  We also loved the fact that she took the time to ensure we knew every step of the process and worked hand and hand with my lender to make the deal go smooth.  If we are ever in the market again to buy in this area, or one of my friends are interested in this area, the first name out of my mouth is going to be Stacie Souza!

 Eric & Christine Hubert


We had been out of the home market for over twenty years and were looking for a rental property approximately 60 miles away from our current home.  Stacie was quick to narrow down and focus the search to the right property for us  and helped make the buying process very painless and with as few trips as possible.  We  were able to find a property in a desirable area.  We highly recommend her services to others.

Dave and Dorothy German


 When it comes to finding a house we all have our dream sheet of things we want.  Well, mine was literally all but impossible! Stacie stuck with me for over a year! It seemed like she was searching the market constantly, sending me potentials and meeting me house after house sometimes way out of her way only to hear me say it wasn't what I wanted.  Well her dedication and proactive approach paid off! She found a perfect fit for me, a house with land dead on my budget and we were able to submit an offer the day the house came available!  Her experience with the Escrow and underwriting process with the lenders helped keep my mind at ease.  I highly recommend Stacie to anyone that wants to find their dream home!  I look forward to working with Stacie in the future when I buy my first investment home!  
Thank you for not giving up on me! I love my house!

Victor Lavarnway